Frequently Ask Questions

There involved trust in everything, especially in business, one way of which you can trust is payment after the service we provide has been done. This ensures trust from both ends.

Each service varies based on several factors, you can expect services ranging in price from regular details, to interior and exterior, etc..

Late Detailing has just launched not too long ago, we are trying are best to get our brand out there, and that;s why we need you to help us.

A detail can range from 30 minutes to over an hour or more long, you can never really say how long because each and every vehicle is different.

To be honest, we hope that you see it in us, the difference between us and other detailing firms is the expereience, and you'll be able to tell yourself..

There will be a booking option online, through that you will be able to pay, but as we progress everything else progresses, so it may be possible it can be in person as well.

We have our instagram on the top and all throughout the website. Share your experience and help our business grow.

We are located in Atlanta, Georgia.